Anita Franco

As an independent ecological consultant based in Yorkshire and the Humber, I provide a range of bespoke research and consultancy services in the field of estuarine, coastal and marine ecology.

I have a wealth of experience in designing, managing and delivering research and consultancy projects to a wide range of clients, with specialist expertise on:
· Fish community ecology and monitoring;
· Conservation and management of estuarine and marine habitats;
· Assessment of impacts of anthropogenic activities on the estuarine and marine environment;
· Experimental/sampling strategies and design;
· Statistical analysis and modelling of ecological data.

If a project requires certain skills or expertise not available in-house, I can draw upon a network of associates, thus being able to manage projects which are broader than my individual specialisation. This includes marine scientists and consultants, benthic and bird specialists, experts on ecosystem services, management and governance, as well quality-assured laboratories and field staff.

Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.