I have developed a productive working relationship with a range of academics, researchers and independent consultants over my career. As such I can draw upon a network of associates as and when required, to deliver interdisciplinary projects that meet the client’s specific requirements.

Prof Mike Elliott, Research Professor, University of Hull and Director of IECS Ltd. Expertise in Estuarine and Coastal Science and Management, Anthropogenic Impacts, and Marine Policy.

Prof Piero Franzoi, Associate Professor, University of Venice, Italy. Expertise in Fish Biology (freshwater, estuarine and marine), Environmental Restoration and Management of Coastal Lagoons.

Nick Cutts & Krystal Hemingway, Directors of Cutts & Hemingway Estuarine Ecology and Management (CHEEM) Ltd. Expertise in Estuarine and Marine Ornithology, Bird Disturbance, EIA and Estuarine Management.

Dr Katie Smyth, Director of Katie Smyth Ltd. Expertise in Risk Assessment and Management, Crustacean Fisheries, Ecophysiology, Live Transport and Aquaculture.

Dr Daryl Burdon, Director of Daryl Burdon Ltd. Expertise in Ecological Economics, Marine Natural Capital, Ecosystem Services, Marine Law and Policy, Marine Conservation and Management.

Steve Barnard, Director of Wolds Environmental Consulting Ltd. Expertise in Stakeholder Engagement, and the Development of Decision Support Tools.

Dr Shona Thomson, University of Hull. Expertise in GIS and Satellite Imagery.

Dr Emma Wells, Wells Marine Surveys. Expertise in Intertidal Algal Ecology.